13th Habitat Film Festival

13th Habitat Film Festival

Photo by : Incredible India Info

17th May to 27th May 2018, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

The13th edition of Habitat Film Festival from May 17 – 27 at the India Habitat Centre hosts a handpicked selection of the Best of Indian Cinema 2017-2018a pan Indian sweep of national award winning and critically acclaimed cinema.

The opening film of the festival is the much awaited Bengali drama Drishtikone by ace director Kaushik Ganguly on 17th May at 7:30pm at the Stein Auditorium.  The line-up features Assamese film Village Rockstars by Reema Das (Won Best Film at National Film Awards 2018),hard-hitting Marathi film Ajji and Nude , high voltage Malayalam thrillers S Durga and Take off, Hindi features Omerta, Hungry and October, investigative Tamil thrillers Vikram Veda and Aran, Kaatru Veliyidai among others. Flagging the changing face of contemporary Indian Cinema, one watches out for Ralang Road (Nepali),Juze (Konkini), Mayurakshi (Bengali), Hello Arsi (Odiya), Idak, the Goat (Marathi),Reservation (Kannada),Carbon (Malayalam) from the dynamic line up put together. The closing film at the festival is the Malayalam film Ee. Ma. Yau by Lijo Jose Pellissery.

Aparna Sen (Sonata), Devashish Makhija (Ajji), Miransha Naik(Juze), Jiju Antony (Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani), Sanal Kumar Sasidharan (S Durga)

​ ​
are among the filmmakers who are attending the festival.  

The salient features of the Festival include Retrospective Segment on visionary Malayalam director KG George, Two Tribute segments, one on the pioneering contributions of late actor and producer Shashi Kapoor (1938-2017) with select films that bear testimony to his loaded imprints in various aspects of cinema and the other that discusses and brings into focus the acting finesse&pan Indian legacy of late actress Sridevi (1963-2018) with a screening of one of her early films. Other collateral sessions in the form of master classes by leading directors, actors and screen writers such as Vishal Bharadwaj, Tisca ChopraRakeysh Omprakash Mehra, panel discussions involving film scholars, film journalists & critics, daily podcasts and newsletters, will infuse the festival with an exciting dose of contemporaneity. Post-screening Q & A sessions with directors are sure to bring out finer nuances.

A notable highlight is Gulzar’s session on 20th May in which he will be in conversation with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.

The festival will be inaugurated by film scholar par excellence, ArunaVasudev, Founder/President of the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema who is revered for her pioneering contributions in carving out an undeniable space for Asian Cinema in the global film circuit, seeding multiple independent film festivals, institutions and scholarly endeavours. Bina Paul, Artistic Director of the International Film Festival of Kerala, will be in conversation with Aruna Vasudev on the opening day (17th May at 6:30pm at the Stein Auditorium).

Fast paced preparations are underway at IHC as organisers anticipate a resurgent interest in the regional language content. They point to many regional language industries at the cusp of radical shifts and transformation creating a new pan Indian audience eager to immerse and engage. A fact pointed out by the 2018 Jury head of National Film Awards, Shekhar Kapur, whose surprise and admiration for this new wave in regional cinema came to light at the recent national awards announcement day. He even mentioned in a lighter vein how regional cinema has so clearly affirmed its dominance over the Bollywood idiom with layered storytelling and deeply moving performances, and announced his return to making films in India. This year, some of the most coveted national awards were unequivocally bagged by films in Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese etc. 

A firm milestone now with a run of twelve years behind it, the Habitat Film Festival has become the Capital's coveted showcase for the Best of Pan Indian Cinema. The package of films in the Festival is a one of its kind opportunity, to soak in the wealth of the creative outpourings of the country's leading talent.


The focus of the Festival remains unchanged, in its single minded focus to turn the spotlight on cinema from India that is beyond the brouhaha and blaze of mainstream Bollywood. Films, that are directorial debuts, new works of brilliance from old masters, classic archival restorations, controversial, irreverent, path breaking, retelling a tale or a fantastical work of utopian yearning. They rub shoulders at the Festival for their distinction in one or all the varied skill and craft that goes into creating the magic that is cinema.


 Fact sheet for the festival:

Entry: Free (you can book your passes online or collect it from the registration desk)

Website: www.habitatfilmclub.com

Festival schedule: http://www.habitatfilmclub.com/film-schedule.php

Contact : 01143663080/90 / 9654397753 


India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

(Entry Passes can be booked online at www.habitatfilmclub.com)

May 17, Thurs

6:30 pm: Habitat Film Festival 2018 Inauguration by Dr. Aruna Vasudev.  Veteran Film Scholar, Film Historian, Director – Cinefan Festival of Asian Cinema, Editor – Cinemaya The Asian Film Quarterly and Founder of Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC).

Bina Paul, Artistic Director of International Film Festival of Kerala, will be in conversation with Aruna Vasudev. This will be followed by the screening of the


Opening Film Dhrishtikone (Bengali/2018/112 mins) directed by Kaushik Ganguly at 7:30pm  Stein Auditorium


May 18, Fri


2:00pm    Repeat screening of Dhrishtikone (Bengali/2018/112 mins)

    Dir. Kaushik Ganguly Stein Auditorium


4:00pm    The Hungry (Hindi/English/2017/100 mins) Dir. Bornila Chatterjee Stein Auditorium

4:00pm    Thuparivallan (Blu-ray/Tamil/2017/159 mins) Dir. Mysskin Amaltas Hall


6.30pm    Kaatru Veliyidai (Tamil/2017/138 mins) Dir. Mani Ratnam The Stein Auditorium


7:00pm     Opening of K.G. George Retrospective 

  8 1/2 Intercuts: Life and Films of K G George (Blue-      ray/DVD/Docu/Malayalam/2017/120 mins)

 Dirs. Lijin Jose & Shahina K. Rafiq  Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm   Watchmaker (Blu-ray/DVD/Bengali/2018/106 mins)

    Dir. Anindya Banerjee Amaltas Hall



9:00pm   Ajji (Hindi/2017/104 mins) Dir. Devashish Makhija Stein Auditorium


May 19, Sat


11:00am   K.G.George Retrospective-

                   Yavanika (Malayalam/1982/147 mins) Stein Auditorium


11:00am   Children’s Film. Ishu (Blu-ray/DVD/Assamese/2017/91 mins)

                   Dir. Utpal Borpujari  Amaltas Hall


2:00pm     To Let (Tamil/2017/109 mins) Dir. Chezhian Ra Stein Auditorium


2:00pm     Karim Mohammad (Blu-ray/DVD/Hindi/Urdu/2018/99 mins) Amaltas Hall


4:00pm     Carbon (Malayalam/2018/146 mins) Dir. Venu Isc Stein Auditorium


4:00pm    Up Down and Sideways (Blu-ray/DVD/Docu/2017/83 mins)

     Dir. Anushka Meenakshi & Iswar Srikumar  Amaltas Hall


6:30pm    Village Rockstars (Assamese/2017/87 mins) Dir. Rima Das Stein Auditorium


7:00pm    Pupa (Blu-ray/DVD/Bengali/2017/109 mins) Dir. Indrasis Acharya  Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm    Redu (Blu-ray/DVD/Marathi/2017/125 mins) Dir. Sagar Vanjari Amaltas Hall


9.00pm    Omerta (Hindi/2017/96 mins) Dir. Hansal Mehta Stein Auditorium


May 20, Sun


11:00am   Dharasnan (Bengali/2018/150 mins) Dir. Haranath Chakraborty Stein Auditorium



Harper @ Cinema at HFF   |  Collab. HarperCollins India                         


(Entry by registration only. Registration opens at the Programmes desk from May 10 onwards for Habitat Film Club members only. Open to all from May 13)


             11:00am-12:30pm - Masterclass with

             Rakeysh  Omprakash Mehra on “Filmmaker’s Vision”. Introduction

             by Shantanu Chaudhuri.  Amaltas Hall


1:45pm-3:30pm - Masterclass on ‘Word to Screen: Translating Shakespeare & Ruskin Bond’, with Vishal Bhardwaj. Introduction by Shantanu Chaudhuri. Amaltas Hall

3:45pm-5:00pm - Masterclass on ‘Hindi Film Music and Playback Singing’ with Rekha Bharadwaj in conversation with Kaveree Bamzai, India Today. Amaltas Hall

5:15pm-6:15pm  - Panel Discussion on ‘Writing Indian Cinema’ 

Moderated by Kaveree Bamzai. Panellists – Shubhra Gupta, Gautam Chintamani, Shantanu ChaudhuriCasuarina


6.30pm-7.30pm  - Session ‘Music. Masti. Memories’

R. D. Burman Songs performed by Balaji Vittal & Anirudh Bhattacharya. Stein Auditorium

7.30pm-9:00pm - Gulzar in conversation with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra & Vishal Bhardwaj - Reminiscing Kal, Aaj aur Kal. Stein Auditorium



2:00pm      Alorukkam (Malayalam/2018/124 mins) Dir. V.C. Abhilash  Stein Auditorium


2:00pm     Vikram Vedha (Blu-ray/DVD/Tamil/2017/148 mins) Dirs. Pushkar-Gayathri

                   Amaltas Hall


7:00pm     Aswadakan: The Connoisseur (Blu-ray/DVD/Malayalam/Sanskrit/2017/40 mins)

                   Dir. Suraj Varma Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm     Opening of Shashi Kapoor Tribute

     The Householder (DVD/Hindi/English/1963/101 mins)

                   Dir. James Ivory  Amaltas Hall


May 21, Mon


6:30pm    Reservation (2018/Kannada/90 mins) Dir. Nikhil Manjoo Stein Auditorium


7:00pm    Ananya (Blu-ray/DVD/Assamese/2017/96 mins) Dir. Arup Manna Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm    Tribute to Shashi Kapoor – Shakespeare Wallah (DVD/English/1965/122 mins)

     Dir. James Ivory Amaltas Hall


8:30pm    Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani (Marathi/Hindi/English/2017/81 mins)

                  Dir. Jiju Antony  Stein Auditorium


May 22, Tue


6:30pm    Sridevi Tribute - A session that brings into focus the pan Indian legacy of

               late actress Sridevi (1963-2018) with the screening of one of her early films.

               Film Journalist, Anna Vetticad, leads the screening and discussion.

                   Stein Auditorium


7:00pm    Idak: The Goat (Blu-ray/DVD/Marathi/2017/106 mins)

                  Dir. Deepak Gawade  Amaltas Hall


7:00pm    Alifa (Blu-ray/DVD/Bengali/2018/109 mins) Dir. Deep Choudhury  Gulmohar Hall


9:00pm    K.G. George Retrospective – Aadaminte Variyellu (Malayalam/1983/142 mins)

                  Stein Auditorium


May 23, Wed


6:30pm   S Durga (Malayalam/2018/90mins) Dir. Sanal Kumar Sasidharan  Stein Auditorium


7:00pm   Raju - Kannad Medium (Blu-ray/DVD/Kannada/2018/132 mins)

                 Dir. Nanditha Yadav 


 Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm   Shashi Kapoor Tribute - In Custody (Blu-ray/DVD/Hindi/1993/126 mins)

                 Dir. Ismail Merchant  Amaltas Hall


8:30pm   Teen Aur Aadha (Hindi/Marathi/English/2017/119 mins)

                 Dir. Dar Gai  Stein Auditorium


May 24, Thursday


6:30pm    Pimpal (Marathi/2017/92 mins) Dir. Gajendra Ahire Stein Auditorium


7:00pm    Calendar (Blu-ray/DVD/Assamese/2018/90 mins) Dir. Himjyoti Talukdar

                  Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm    Paathi (Blu-ray/DVD/Malayalam/2017/92 mins)

                  Dir. Chandran Narikkode Amaltas Hall


9:00pm    Tribute to Shashi Kapoor

     Jab Jab Phool Kile (Marathi/2017/92 mins)

     Dir. Gajendra Ahire  Stein Auditorium


May 25, Fri


1:30pm   Panchlait (Hindi/2017/125mins) Dir. Prem Prakash Modi

   Stein Auditorium


2:00pm   Uma (Blu-ray/DVD/Bengali/2018/149 mins) Dir. Srijit Mukherji  Amaltas Hall


4:00pm   Kachcha Limbu (Marathi/2017/116 mins) Dir. Prasad Oak Stein Auditorium


5:00pm   Ralang Road (Blu-ray/DVD/Nepali/2017/112 mins) Dir. Karma Takapa  Amaltas Hall


6:30pm   Juze (Blu-ray/DVD/Konkani/2017/94 mins) Dir. Miransha Naik Stein Auditorium


7:00pm   Naach Bhikari Naach (Blu-ray/DVD/Docu/Bhojpuri/2018/72 mins)

                 Dir. Jainendra Dost & Shilpi Gulati Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm    Manusangadha (Blu-ray/DVD/Tamil/Not Released/93 mins)

                 Dir. Amshan Kumar Amaltas Hall


8:15pm    K.G. George Retrospective -  

                 Lekhayude Maranam: Oru Flashback (Malayalam/1983/172 mins) Stein Auditorium


May 26, Sat


11:00am    K.G. George Retrospective - Irakal (Malayalam/1985/142 mins) Stein Auditorium


11:00am    Children’s Film - Swanam (Blu-ray/DVD/Malayalam/2017/83 mins) Dir. Deepesh T.

       Gulmohar Hall


1:30pm      Ashwatthama (Braj/2017/120 mins) Dir. Pushpendra Singh Stein Auditorium


2:00pm     Sound of Silence (Blu-ray/DVD/Pahari/Tibetan/Hindi/2017/89 mins)

                   Dir. Bijukumar Damodaran Gulmohar Hall


4:00pm      Mrityubhoj- The Death Feast (Docu/Blu-ray/DVD/Hindi/2018/52 mins)

                    Dir. Akanksha Sood Amaltas Hall


4:00pm     Aram (Blu-ray/DVD/Tamil/2017/120 mins) Dir. Gopi Naynar Gulmohar Hall


4:00pm     Rong Beronger Korhi (Bengali/2018/133 mins) Dir. Ranjan Ghosh Stein Auditorium


6:30pm     October (Hindi/2018/115 mins) Dir. Shoojit Sarkar Stein Auditorium


6:30pm     And they Made Classics (Blu-ray/DVD/English/2017/59 mins)

    Dir. Ratnotamma Sengupta. A tribute to Nabendu Ghosh (1917 - 2017)

    who scripted  classics such as Devdas, Sujata, Bandini, among other films. Followed by         the launch of That Bird Called  Happiness published by Speaking Tiger. The book is a collection of nine stories of Nabendu Ghosh in English translation edited by

 Ratnotamma Sengupta. Gulmohar Hall


7:00pm    Shashi Kapoor Tribute - New Delhi Times (Hindi/1986/123 mins)

                  Dir. Ramesh Sharma Amaltas Hall


9:00pm    Sonata (English/2017/103 mins) Dir. Aparna Sen Stein Auditorium


May 27, Sun


11:00am     Nude (Marathi/2018/112 mins) Dir. Ravi Jadhav Stein Auditorium


11:00am     Children’s Film. Rainbow Jelly (Blu-ray/DVD/Bengali/2017/122 mins)

                     Dir. Soukarya Ghosal Amaltas Hall


02:00pm    Padai Veeran (Tamil/2018/130 mins) Dir. Dhanasekaran Stein Auditorium


02:00pm    Walking with the Wind (Blu-ray/DVD/Ladakhi/2017/79 mins)

       Dir. Praveen Morchhale Amaltas Hall


4:00pm     Mayurakshi (Bengali/2017/102 mins) Dir. Atanu Ghosh Stein Auditorium


4:00pm     Paddayi (Blu-ray/Tulu/2017/100 mins) Dir. Abhaya Simha  Amaltas Hall


4:00pm     Machines (Blu-ray/DVD/Docu/2017/71 mins) Dir. Rahul Jain  Gulmohar Hall


6:30pm     Nana - A Tale of Us (Blu-ray/DVD/Nagamese/2017/105 mins)

                   Dir. Tiakumzuk Aier Amaltas Hall


6:45pm     CLOSING FILM - Ee. Maa. Yau (Malayalam/2018/120 mins) Dir. Lijo Jose Pellissery Stein Auditorium



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